Family at Friendly Plumber, Heating & Air: Meet Jon, Jordan, and Josiah Davidson

Friendly Family - Davidsons

When it comes to the Friendly Plumber, Heating & Air team, three individuals stand out as exceptional examples of commitment, compassion, and responsibility – Jon, Jordan, and Josiah Davidson. These extraordinary men not only redefine teamwork but also embody the spirit of service and dedication that sets Friendly apart.

A Journey Fueled by Family

Jordan: Bay Area Native Turned Utah Plumber

Jordan Davidson, a Bay Area native, began his plumbing journey 4 years ago in the bustling cityscapes of California. However, his heart pulled him closer to family, leading him to the scenic landscapes of Utah and ultimately to Friendly Plumber, Heating & Air. Jordan brought with him a passion for plumbing and a commitment to serving others – qualities that inspire those around him.

Josiah: Following in His Brother’s Footsteps

Josiah Davidson, Jordan’s younger sibling, recently began his apprenticeship in the plumbing trade. Witnessing his brother’s passion for service to others, Josiah was inspired to follow in the footsteps of someone he admired. His decision to embrace the trades speaks volumes about the tight-knit bond that exists within the Davidson family and the contagious passion for the work they do.

Jon: An Apprenticeship Ignited by Inspiration

At the beginning of 2023, Jon Davidson was encouraged by his brother, who began working in HVAC in 2016, and Jordan, Jon’s cousin, now a tenured Friendly plumber, to start his plumbing apprenticeship. Jon was motivated by his desire to learn a valuable skill, one that he could pass on to his son, and passion to serve others.

“Jordan and Josiah are inspiring examples of service, compassion, and responsibility. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with these men who make each day a lesson in unity, dedication, and the true spirit of family and teamwork.”

Jon Davidson

Rooted in Culture and Service

The Davidson men were raised in homes influenced by Polynesian culture. They learned the values of service and selflessness from an early age, providing a seamless transition into roles where helping others is second nature.

Going Above and Beyond

These three individuals exemplify what it means to go the extra mile. They embrace the “dirty work” without hesitation, ready to tackle any challenge with an unmatched dedication to their craft. Their tenacity and willingness to extend a helping hand to their team members embodies the true heart of camaraderie at Friendly.

The Friendly Family Difference

At Friendly Plumber, Heating & Air, the spirit of family isn’t just a catchphrase – it’s a way of life. The character and dedication of people like Jon, Jordan, and Josiah Davidson form the foundation of our close-knit team. Their passion, dedication, and hard work set Friendly apart and make us grateful, and proud to have these exceptional individuals on our team.

So, here’s to Jon, Jordan, and Josiah. We acknowledge you for your steadfast commitment to providing quality service, compassion for others, and outstanding work ethic. You embody what makes Friendly more than just a company – you make us a family.

Friendly Plumber, Heating & Air

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