Plumbing Maintenance in West Jordan, UT, 84081

“Was able to get an appointment quickly. Bill T. was thorough, gave options, very helpful, professional no pressure.”
- Lori B.

Plumbing Repair in Salt Lake City, UT, 84109

“I cannot thank this company enough for helping my 90-year-old father with a slew of plumbing issues that came up all a sudden late 2020 in to 2021 at his equally old Salt Lake home. I'm trying to keep from having to put my dad in an assisted living facility but the plumbing in his home has been failing miserably & rapidly at great expense economically, physically & emotionally for my dad; one thing after another, from the sewer main (brutal expensive fix no way around it), the water pressure slowing to a drizzle, the toilet broke, the water heater quit, the plumbing in a garage apartment separate from the main house was in horrible shape & more. I cannot believe how kind, patient, helpful, understanding of the situation & so respectful to my dad they have been. They managed to arrange financing for him – threw in some freebies considering my dad's economic situation & the financial burden this created. To complicate matters, I live in NYS & with Covid restrictions, I can't travel to be there to help. So I've relied heavily on these guys to communicate with me, keeping me informed so I can help my dad deal with it all. I truly feel like they've got my dad's back as well as mine. Contractors get such a bad rap cause of a few bad eggs, but I can comfortably say, Friendly Home Services are freaking awesome! Always on time, great work ethic, knowledgeable of their craft, again, great communication! Great with my old man who is hard of hearing, blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other, he has age-related memory loss etc. but otherwise perfectly healthy. Friendly Home Services could easily have taken advantage of him. However, these good fellows wouldn't go forward with repairs until they talked to me & I approved the work…for which I am profoundly thankful! At this point, repairs to date holding strong, things are up to code & I think my dad can comfortably live out his days there. However, should the plumbing or electric require more attention, I know I can rely on this plumbing outfit to come to save the day. Well done!

I can’t speak to the cost – we were in an emergency situation & had to get the work done. I expected it to be spendy. Could be contractors there who would have done the jobs for less money, but at this point, having worked with Friendly for the better part of 6 months now, with Covid-19 messing everything up, not being able to travel to be present & my dad's health & welfare at stake, I'm fine with what they charged.Plus they compromised & worked with us regarding the cost. No complaints there.

Oh! HUGE shout out to the administrative staff – also awesome, always helpful, great customer service & someone is available to answer the phones 24/7. I can always get a human on the phone no matter what time of day.

Bottom line: Great honest & professional plumbing & heating company I would recommend to anyone.”

- Bill & Jeanene W.

Fixed my hot water heater in under an hour!

“Great service! The whole crew is tidy fast and did a good job. Casey in warranty service fixed my ailing hot water heater in under an hour!”

- Mark G.

More than willing to take a look at a few extra things

Alex was great. I appreciated his professionalism, honesty, “friendliness” and was more than willing to take a look at a few extra things. He didn’t seemed rushed or bothered by my plethora of my random questions

- Chase R.

I have always enjoyed working with them

I have had the annual protection service with Friendly for the past three or four years or so. I have always enjoyed working with them. Today, Alex came out to look at an issue I was having with my furnace. Not only did he do a thorough inspection, he explained three different options that I had moving forward. Alex was professional, easy to talk to, and very friendly. I look forward to working with him again!

- Curt D.

Offered great advice for the best price

Alex was thorough, professional, and smart. He knew everything about our furnace and offered great advice for the best price. We will definitely use Alex again!

- Amy R.

Everything was done and very quickly

Friendly Services came me to our house to do an emergency water flood. They answer the phone and they send someone as soon as possible by the time that I got home all the issues were solved the technician was very knowledgeable and he is explained to us what was the best route in order to take care of the issue. Everything was done and very quickly. They also give us a plan in order for not to have this issue to come back again we highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking for an experience Plummer. Thank you.

- Gabriel P.

Clean, notch.

Jeremy, Phil & Thomas were excellent ! I Was still just thinking to be getting a quote for a new H2O heater and hired them immediately… instead.. In 90 minutes the trio had an excellent new system …up and running, with all the frills.. the old one wasn’t broken, just 13 years old. The new install is sweet! Now I can enjoy that my household can take 2 baths and a shower without delays, one right after each other…instead of waiting :45 to have the boiler to struggle to recover… Clean, smart…top notch.

- Mark G.


From the first phone call, to the end of the service, everything was 5 stars. Our technician, Beau, was professional, nice, fast and knew what he was doing. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. Ryan (I think) who I talked to on the phone was knowledgeable and nice. They got to us EXTREMELY quickly, when no one else could, and charged us 1/3 of the price of the other guy. We kept their card and will use them for all future plumbing needs. A+++++++

- Mandy A.

I would recommend them to anyone

I had the pleasure of working with Skylar and Marshall this week in replacing my new HAVC/heating system. Skylar was very professional and did a great job helping me understand the issues and variety of solutions. Marshall and his partner did fantastic work in replacing, building, and hauling my prehistoric HVAC equipment. I would recommend them to anyone and glad to have used their service. Thanks guys!

- Scott J.

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