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Salt Lake City, UT Pipe Replacement

Do you know how old the plumbing pipes in your home are?

Have you considered pipe replacement for your Salt Lake City home? Many of us don’t give pipe replacement much thought until we face a problem in our home, such as a burst pipe. By then, it’s too late. Your home has flood damage because an old pipe has corroded—and you now have to worry about mold.

Pipes in the home last a long time, usually 30 years or more. But if the material of the piping is lead or polybutylene, it is not as safe as copper pipes and should be removed immediately. On top of health hazards, pipe materials such as lead, galvanized steel, and polybutylene are not as reliable and can leak or cause damage to fixtures in your home.

Our professionals at Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air will gladly evaluate the condition and material of your old pipes. Our pipe replacement services in Salt Lake City involve removing existing pipes from your home and installing new pipes to provide a safe and reliable water supply to your home.


Types of Pipes You Need to Replace

Due to health risks and durability concerns, lead pipes and polybutylene pipes are two types of piping that should be replaced immediately in your Salt Lake City area home, no matter how old they are.

Lead pipes, used in the early 1900s, are durable with a life expectancy of 100 years. However, lead poses a serious health hazard as the lead material can leach into the drinking water.

Polybutylene pipes became a popular option for homes from the 1970s through the 1990s. These pipes react with oxidants in tap water. The reaction causes these pipes to become brittle, which in turn results in a fracturing of the interior surface of the piping. The polybutylene pipe will begin to leak and could lead to burst pipes, causing severe damage throughout the home.

Warning Signs That You Need Pipe Replacement Services

No matter how old your Salt Lake City area home is, it pays to have a professional plumber from Friendly’s inspect your home piping annually. In between inspections, keep an eye out for the following signs that can indicate you need to replace the plumbing pipes in your house.

  • Persistent low water pressure: If you notice a consistent reduction in water pressure, it could be a sign of deteriorating pipes.
  • Rusty water: Discolored or rusty water coming from your taps can indicate that the pipes are corroded and need replacement.
  • Frequent leaks: If you are experiencing frequent pipe leaks, it might be a sign that the pipes are old and compromised.
  • Strange noises: Unusual noises, such as clanking or banging, when you use the water could suggest that the pipes are worn out and need replacement.
  • Visible corrosion: If you can see visible signs of corrosion or rust on your pipes, such as tubing discoloration, stains, dimples, and flaking, it’s a clear indicator that they need to be replaced.
  • High water bills: A sudden increase in your water bill without a change in water usage might suggest that there is a hidden leak in your pipes.
  • Age of pipes: If your home’s plumbing system is several decades old, it might be time to consider replacing the pipes, even if there are no obvious signs of damage.
  • Mold or mildew: The presence of mold or mildew and wet spots in areas around pipes can be a sign of leaks, indicating that the pipes might need replacement.


What Is Involved in Whole Home Repiping?

At Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air, our comprehensive repiping services are designed to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing infrastructure. Here’s an overview of the steps we follow when replacing your home’s plumbing pipes:

Initial Assessment

Our skilled team conducts a thorough inspection of your home’s existing plumbing system. This assessment helps us determine if pipe repair or complete replacement is the best solution and identify the specific areas that require attention.

Planning and Consultation

After the assessment, we consult with you to discuss the best approach for pipe replacement in your Salt Lake City home. We provide transparent recommendations, considering other factors such as the type of new pipe to be used, the timeline, and any potential disruptions to your daily routine.

Preparation and Safety Measures

Before we begin replacing pipe in your home, we take precautions to protect your property. We cover and secure areas that might be affected during the installation to minimize any potential damage or inconvenience.

Removal of Old Pipe

Our experienced technicians carefully remove the old, damaged pipes from your Salt Lake City home. We handle this process with precision and care to prevent any unnecessary disruption to your home.

Installation of New Pipes

We install high-quality, durable new pipe that meets plumbing industry standards and local building codes. Our team ensures precise fittings and connections, utilizing modern techniques and equipment for a seamless installation process.

Pressure Testing

Once the new line is installed, we conduct rigorous pressure testing to ensure that the water main and other pipes are airtight and leak-free. This step is vital in guaranteeing the integrity and efficiency of the newly installed plumbing.

Finishing and Cleanup

After the installation and plumbing testing, we meticulously clean the work area, ensuring that your Salt Lake City home is left in the same condition as when we arrived. We prioritize leaving your property tidy and ready for immediate use.

Final Inspection

We conduct a final inspection to verify the functionality and reliability of the new plumbing system. Our team then walks you through the completed work, addressing any questions or concerns you may have and providing essential maintenance tips for the newly installed pipes.

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