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Ductless service.
Ductless service.

Most of us grew up with an air conditioner (AC) and furnace in our homes. The AC unit was outdoors, your furnace was in the basement or a utility closet, and air ducts traveling all over the place delivered the warm and cold air. Life was good.

Ductless mini splits can make life even better.

A ductless mini split cuts out the middleman—in this case, your air ducts! These systems provide the perfect heating and cooling solutions to parts of your Salt Lake City home without any ductwork. And they help you save you money!

Ductless Mini Splits and Your Indoor Air Quality

This system does wonders for your comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ), and energy use!

Whole-House Filtration System

Conventional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems rely on ductwork to circulate warm and cold air. Over time, air ducts tend to clog up with dust and debris, restricting the airflow and compromising the air you breathe inside your home. Because of this issue, we always recommend that you schedule a duct cleaning every few years.

With a mini split, you have a system that efficiently filters out dust and other particles to deliver fresh air directly into the room. Ductless systems provide a great option if someone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies.

Ductless Mini Split Installation and Replacement

These systems are relatively easy to install: your indoor air handler pairs up with an outdoor heat pump or air conditioning unit. Refrigerant lines and electrical wire are needed to connect and power the system.

Our professionals can help you choose the correct size mini split to accommodate the necessary space and square footage.

  • You can decide between a single-zone ductless mini split that uses one air handler to heat or cool one area. This situation is perfect if you’re remodeling your basement or garage.
  • You can also go with a dual-zone ductless mini split, designed to heat or cool two different areas in your home.

Ductless Mini Split Repair

Too often, we will hear a strange sound coming from our HVAC systems—and we ignore it.

That sound is a warning sign. It could be an issue with the motor or a loose part. Whatever the case, catching a small problem right away with your ductless mini split or other equipment helps avoid a costlier issue.

Our repair team works with all makes and models of mini splits and other HVAC equipment. We can quickly pinpoint whether there is a faulty connection, clogged filter, or other issues.

Ductless Mini Split Service

With a ductless system, you will need to thoroughly wash the system filters at least once a month—more often if you have pets or anyone who smokes in your home. These reusable filters can clog up quickly, so be sure to clean them regularly.

Join the Friendly Plan!

Signing up for our Friendly Service Plan saves you big-time money on preventative maintenance. Some benefits of our service plan include:

Priority Service—You can jump to the head of the line when you call. Your job will be scheduled ahead of others. This perk applies to routine and emergency calls!
Significant Savings—You will receive a 10 percent discount off the bottom line of our heating, cooling, plumbing, and drain services for repairs, and 5 percent off of equipment and large projects for as long as your Friendly Service Plan remains effective.
Fee Waiver—Waive the diagnostic fee during regular business hours. If you call us after hours on the weekends, we still reduce the fee by 50 percent!
AC Tune-Up—Receive an annual air conditioning tune-up for one unit.
Furnace Tune-Up—Receive an annual furnace tune-up for one unit.
Drain Cleaning—Receive an annual drain cleaning and camera as needed.

Best of all, these service plans give you peace of mind knowing that a trusted professional is watching over your HVAC, and plumbing systems.

Learn More About Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits can work alone or alongside the HVAC equipment already installed in your Salt Lake City, UT, home. You can trust our knowledgeable (and friendly) professionals at Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air to offer sustainable solutions that improve your comfort and safety. Contact us at 801-923-6355 or request service online today to learn more about ductless mini splits.

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