Air Handler Maintenance

Air Handler Maintenance

Too often, we forget about maintaining our heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

You adjust the thermostat, and the HVAC motor starts right up in your Salt Lake City home, so what’s the problem?

While your system might switch on, routine maintenance allows it to run at optimal efficiency. Skipping scheduled tune-ups on an aging heating and cooling system is a surefire way to shorten its lifespan. You also end up paying higher utility bills than necessary.

Our team at Friendly Home Services can help you develop a maintenance schedule for all your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC equipment. We offer service plans that save you money on service calls, labor, repairs, and parts.

Air Handler Maintenance in Salt Lake City

Preventative maintenance protects your investment—it’s that simple.

By signing up for our Friendly Plan, you pay one low monthly fee that allows you to receive multiple perks to maintain your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Some of the benefits that our service plan includes:

Priority Service—You can jump to the head of the line when you call. Your job will be scheduled ahead of others. This perk applies to routine and emergency calls!
Significant Savings—You will receive a 10 percent discount off the bottom line of our heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and drain services for repairs, and 5 percent off of equipment and large projects for as long as your Friendly Plan remains effective.
Fee Waiver—Waive the diagnostic fee during regular business hours. If you call us after hours on the weekends, we still reduce the fee by 50 percent!
AC Tune-Up—Receive an annual air conditioning tune-up for one unit.
Furnace Tune-Up—Receive an annual furnace tune-up for one unit.
Drain Cleaning—Receive an annual drain cleaning and camera as needed.
Electrical Safety—Receive an annual electrical inspection.

Most homeowners in Utah that use an air handler will typically pair it up with an air conditioner or heat pump. You can bundle your maintenance calls and have one of our professionals inspect the air handler during annual tune-ups for your heat pump and air conditioner.

Call Today to Schedule a Tune-Up!

Be sure to sign up for a Friendly Plan to get the most value out of your air handler and other HVAC equipment inside your UT, Salt Lake City home. Our team at Friendly Home Services will always provide you with practical solutions that fit your budget and needs. Call 801-923-6355 or request service online today.