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Plumbing & HVAC Services in Park City, UT

Residents of Park City, UT can count on Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air to deliver top-notch services every time. Whether you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system or you are in need of plumbing repair services, our team is ready to help your home stay safe and comfortable all year round. Give us a call or contact us online today for service in Park City, UT.


Air Conditioning

Purchasing a new heating and cooling system for your Park City, UT, home is a significant investment. You can count on Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air to help you choose the right air conditioner (AC) that fits your budget and needs.

We’re a Park City company that cares about keeping happy customers—read our Google reviews to learn more about us! We are also happy to talk to you about we can save you money with your air conditioner in the long run with our preventative maintenance.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and discuss how we can best help you. We proudly provide the Park City area with air conditioner repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services.


Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air is a trusted name in Park City for all boiler systems. The type of heat a boiler produces is radiant heat, which continues to grow in popularity among UT households for several reasons. Boilers are extremely energy-efficient systems, durable, and easy to maintain.

And because they do not use air ducts, boilers are less likely to stir up dust and allergens into the air. These systems do a great job of improving your indoor air quality (IAQ)—members of your home with allergies or asthma will love going duct-free!

Give us a call today if you need professional assistance to install, replace, repair, and maintain your boiler. Our licensed specialist will conduct a site survey of your Park City, UT, home to help determine the best boiler system for your property.


Ductless Systems

Are you planning to renovate your historic home or thinking about adding an addition? Consider a ductless system. A ductless mini split cuts out the air ducts, improving your indoor air quality (IAQ) while lowering your energy bills.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates up to 30 percent of the conditioned air from your furnace or air conditioner (AC) can escape through small tears in your Park City, UT, ductwork. A lot of your money is slipping through those cracks!

Our licensed professionals at Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air can help you design the perfect ductless system for your family. Give us a call today! We offer professional maintenance to help avoid unexpected breakdowns and to make it easy for you to create a healthy home.


The service life for a well-maintained furnace is about 15 years. Your furnace may continue running much longer, but you may want to replace it when the repairs start piling up and utility bills steadily increase. These are signs your system is no longer working as efficiently as it once did.

Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air has a licensed team of heating and cooling experts ready to offer you practical solutions to get the most value out of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Park City residents can count on Friendly for furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Give us a call today for a free consultation or with questions about our preventative maintenance.


Heat Pumps

For decades, heat pumps have been in use as a greener solution for heating and cooling Park City, UT, homes and businesses. They use electricity to move heat rather than burning fuel to create it—you’ll never have to worry about a carbon monoxide leak. Plus, you can offset the installation costs through federal tax incentives.

Give Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air a call for a free consultation, and be sure to ask about our preventative maintenance options to help keep your heat pump working in optimum condition. Call us today!

Indoor Air Quality

Protect your family and their health by taking steps to improve your Park City, UT, home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). That could mean upgrading your heating and cooling system, adding air purifiers, or improving the overall ventilation of your home.

Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air offers you expert advice on how to create a healthy home. Our experience and reputation tell you we’re a company that knows how to do things the right way. Call us today.


HVAC System Maintenance

Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air understands how preventative maintenance can add more zip to your heating and cooling equipment and keep it running at optimal efficiency for years to come. That’s why we offer Park City, UT, maintenance options designed to accommodate your budget and needs.

Give us a call for a free consultation, and let our Park City, UT HVAC service keep your home safe and comfortable this season.


No plumbing problems are too big or small for our team, so don’t let a drippy faucet or broken water heater ruin your day! Our licensed plumbers at Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air can handle all your Park City, UT, plumbing needs—from piping replacement to upgrading your water heater.

Our Park City plumbing professionals offer inspections and preventative maintenance options designed for your plumbing equipment to help keep it in tip-top condition. Give us a call for plumbing service in Park City and the surrounding Salt Lake City area today.



Water Heaters

Heating water accounts for about 15 to 20 percent of the energy used in your Park City, UT, home. That’s why it makes sense to upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater that can help lower your bills while increasing your comfort.

Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air can install, replace, repair, and maintain tank and tankless water heater models that fit your need and budget. Call us today for a free consultation.

Drain Cleaning

Clogs and blockages within your drains can lead to serious inconvenience and additional stress on your plumbing system. The drain specialists at Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air provide drain cleaning and clearing services in Park City, UT.


Sewer Services

Drain and sewer problems can leave your home vulnerable to costly damage and unpleasant odors. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential to keep your sewer system functioning smoothly, ensuring your family’s safety and comfort.

Friendly’s team of professional plumbers has the knowledge and experience you need when you experience drain and sewer trouble. Give us a call to get started.

Zone Control Systems

For unsurpassed comfort and significant cost savings, add a zone control system to your Park City, UT, home. These systems offer precision heating and cooling, lowering your energy use and reducing wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air can install zones in any Park City home, large or small. Call us today, and be sure to ask about our preventative maintenance to help keep your zone control system working well for you for years to come.


Emergency Services

We know that HVAC and plumbing issues can occur at any moment, including after normal business hours. That’s why our team is available for 24/7 emergency services. Whether you have a serious plumbing leak or your heating system has broken down and you need to install a new efficient HVAC system, we will be there when you need us most.

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Plumbing and HVAC issues are often complex and require a fast, effective solution. That’s why we work quickly to deliver high-quality work on every service call.

Backed by superior customer service and a talented team of professionals, you can count on us for thorough and thoughtful solutions. For HVAC and plumbing services in Park City, UT, and the surrounding areas, turn to Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air — Your Home’s Best Friend.