Leak Detection

One thing we know all too well is that plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive. Leaks can cause severe damage which in return, drains a wallet quickly. That’s why it is important to have routine maintenance and thorough leak detection for your Salt Lake City home.

Our Salt Lake City leak detection experts only use the most advanced, non-invasive methods to accurately locate hidden leaks. This saves you both time and money, while incurring minimal disruption to your property. Before you try to find the leak on your own by digging up your yard or pulling up tile, contact us so we can electronically locate the source.

There are a few ways to determine whether or not you have a hidden plumbing leak. You may need to call us for Salt Lake City leak detection if:

  • You hear a continuous sound of water like a running toilet when nothing in your home is turned on.
  • If your water meter continues to go higher even when you are not using water.
  • You see escalating water bills from month to month.
  • You start seeing wet, spongy, moist or discolored areas on your floors and walls when nothing has been spilled.
  • Foul odors start to permeate from the floors or walls near sewers and drains.

Leak detection process

Our Salt Lake City leak detection technicians make it possible to determine the location of a leak by electronically locating the damaged source. This is in stark contrast to the conventional trial and error methods of tearing up the property in hopes of finding the damage. Some call this the search and destroy method.

By electronically locating the damaged area you can rest assured that the leak can be found and properly repaired with minimal disruption to the property. This is the preferred leak detection method for our Salt Lake City plumbers since it causes less disruption and can save the homeowner a lot of money.

Stop your water leaks

To stop water leaks before they happen, get a general inspection. Our team can inspect your home for potential problem areas to help prevent leaks. If obvious problem areas are found in the home they will be corrected quickly and efficiently. If you believe you have a leak in your home, we can electronically track the source and find the problem area that is creating the leak. Some leaks are easier to fix than others. Easy fixes require a patch on a pipe or tightening of a joint. Complex repairs involve more extensive work and replacement parts.

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