Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Whether you need electrical repairs, fixture installations, re-wiring, or more, Friendly Home Services has you covered. Our expert electricians will provide you with professional, efficient, reliable (and friendly) service for all your circuit breakers and wiring repair needs.

We take a lot of pride in our professionally-trained and knowledgeable team of electricians. Our licensed technicians are ready to tackle your project, no matter the complexity or size.

Electrical Services in Friendly Home Services

When you choose Friendly Home Services, you are choosing a team that values a job well-done, in a safe and timely matter. Our licensed Salt Lake City electricians are familiar with a variety of electrical services and repairs, including:

Electrical Repairs—Electrical problems can be dangerous, and our electricians know that the safety of your family and your home is your number one priority. Whether you have a faulty outlet or need underground wiring repaired, Friendly Home Services has the solution. Read more about repair services.

Fixture Installations—Are you remodeling your home? Perhaps you are trying to install a doorbell or outside lighting? Friendly Home Services has your back. Our electrician team provides quick and efficient service to install all your fixtures. Read more about installations.

Breaker Panel Repairs—A faulty circuit in your breaker panel can cause devastating problems. Our electricians have the training and expertise to detect and repair issues in your breaker panel. If your lights are flickering, and the electrical panel is buzzing, crackling or sizzling, or is hot to the touch, give us a call, and we will send someone out to inspect your breaker panel. Read more about breaker panel repairs.

Rewiring—No matter the project, hire an experienced and licensed professional when rewiring your home to ensure the job gets done correctly. Friendly Home Services can rewire your home in an efficient, safe, and professional manner, no matter the size of the project. Read more about rewiring. Read more about rewiring.

Troubleshooting—Are you encountering electrical problems? Our team of professional Salt Lake City electricians has you covered. Give us a call to have a technician come out today. Read more about troubleshooting.

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For circuit breaker and wiring repair in Salt Lake City, UT, be sure to schedule your appointment with our expert electricians at Friendly Home Services. Call 801-923-6355 or request service online today. We have the perfect plan for you!