With all the recent talk about toilet paper, this seems like a good time for a friendly reminder what not to put down your drains.

Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper, not even puffs nose tissue, paper towels or sanitary wipes that claim to be “flushable.” It may leave your toilet, but it will very likely not make it completely out of your sewer system.

Sanitary wipes, tissues, paper towels all belong in a trash can or you will likely cause a plumbing or sewer system blockage issue. Wipes, tissues and paper towels do NOT break down like toilet paper, additionally wipes settle out in gravity pipes reducing capacity and causing sewage to back up. Wipes often clog sewer pumps which mean sewers stop flowing and sewage can back up into houses or overflow into waterways.

Toilet paper dissolves allowing it to flow easily through plumbing and sewers systems.

If you have used these items in the past and flush them, it could be the cause of your slow drains or consistent blockages, now would be a great time to discontinue flushing the problem.

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