Sewer Maintenance

Sewer Maintenance in Salt Lake City

Maintaining the functionality of your sewer is important to prevent issues like backups or clogs. At Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air, we provide sewer maintenance services in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Happens During Sewer Maintenance?

Sewer maintenance is an important step to take in keeping your sewer system running properly. While our services can differ depending on your exact needs, sewer maintenance typically includes the following services:


  • Inspection: The first step in sewer maintenance is a thorough inspection of the sewer lines. This is often done using specialized equipment, such as cameras, to identify any issues or blockages within the sewer system. 
  • Cleaning: Over time, sewer lines can accumulate debris, grease, and other materials that can obstruct the flow of wastewater. Maintenance includes cleaning the sewer lines using high-pressure water jetting or other methods to remove these blockages. 
  • Preventive Measures: Sewer maintenance often includes preventive measures to reduce the risk of future issues. This may involve applying protective coatings to sewer pipes, installing liners, or implementing strategies to minimize the buildup of debris and root intrusion. 
  • Testing: After repairs and maintenance are performed, we will test the sewer system to ensure it is functioning correctly and efficiently. This testing may involve checking for leaks, assessing flow rates, and monitoring the overall system performance. 

If any larger issues are uncovered during maintenance, our team can implement the proper repair or replacement. Reach out to us today to get started.

Do You Need Sewer Maintenance Services?

Sewer maintenance services are essential for both residential and commercial properties to ensure their sewer systems are operating properly. Here are some key factors to consider when determining if you need sewer maintenance services:

  • Age of the Sewer System: The age of your sewer system is a critical factor. Older systems are more susceptible to wear and tear, making them more prone to blockages, cracks, and leaks. Regular maintenance becomes increasingly important as the system ages. 
  • Slow Drainage or Blockages: If you have noticed slow drainage, recurring clogged drains, or unpleasant odors coming from your drains, these are signs that your sewer system may require maintenance. Blockages can disrupt the flow of wastewater and lead to more significant issues if left unaddressed. 
  • Sewer Odors: Foul odors emanating from drains or your yard may indicate a sewer issue. Maintenance can help identify and resolve the source of these odors, which may be related to leaks or blockages.

Benefits Provided by Sewer Maintenance

Sewer maintenance services offer a range of benefits that go beyond immediate problem-solving. Here are some of the advantages provided by regular sewer maintenance:


Prevent Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance helps catch and address issues early, preventing them from escalating into more extensive and expensive repairs.


Extended Lifespan

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your sewer system, saving you money on premature replacements.


Improved Efficiency

Clearing blockages, repairing leaks, and maintaining proper flow rates ensure that your sewer system operates efficiently, reducing the risk of backups and overflows.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that your sewer system is well-maintained provides peace of mind and reduces the stress of unexpected sewer-related emergencies.

Other Sewer Services from Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air

At Friendly Plumber, Heating and Air, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a wide range of services to address any needs they may have. For additional sewer services in Salt Lake City, turn to Friendly:


Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a powerful method of sewer cleaning that uses high-pressure water to remove stubborn blockages, including grease, tree roots, and mineral buildup. Our state-of-the-art equipment can effectively clear your sewer lines, restoring proper flow and preventing future sewer issues.


Sewer Camera Inspection

Our sewer camera inspection service utilizes advanced technology to visually assess the condition of your sewer system. We insert a waterproof camera into the sewer lines, allowing us to identify issues such as cracks, leaks, blockages, and root intrusion.


Sewer Cleaning

Routine sewer cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy and functional sewer system. Our sewer cleaning services ensure that your lines are free from debris, preventing backups, unpleasant odors, and other potential issues.


Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is a minimally invasive method for addressing sewer line issues. It involves techniques like pipe lining and pipe bursting to repair or replace damaged sections of the sewer line without extensive excavation.


Sewer Rodding

Sewer rodding is a common and effective method for clearing sewer lines of stubborn blockages and debris. The services include using a flexible rod with a cutting head to keep your sewer operating properly.

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